Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab

Overview of Services

The Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab is part of the Eyring Materials Center and ASU's Core Facilities group, and is administered by the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development. Our lab provides instrumentation, technical assistance, and training for researchers who require electron microscopy or related techniques, primarily for biological applications. We are located in a purpose-designed lab suite in the sub-basement of the Life Sciences C-wing building. Please refer to our ASU web-site link below or contact the manager directly for detailed information on microscopes and associated instruments currently available for use in the lab.







Emmanuel Soignard



Operations Director



(480) 965-7242




(480) 965-3210 (office)

(480) 965-2463 (lab)



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

9 am - 5:30 pm

Monday - Friday

Life Sciences C-wing

Room L2-34

Tempe, AZ 85287-4501

Phone: 480-965-2463


Links and Resources

For a list of Life Science EM Lab resources and rates, please visit our website


For information on For-Profit rates, please contact the manager.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Life Science Electron Microscopy Lab

(480) 965-3210
LSC L2-32

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